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The psychology of skincare: Why British women say skincare & make-up is boosting their spirits during lockdown

The psychology of skincare: Why British women say skincare & make-up is boosting their spirits during lockdown: Image 1 New research reveals that women who are working from home are continuing to look after their skin and wear make-up during lockdown, as a way to boost their mood and keep them feeling positive.

The study conducted by No7, polled over 1,800 UK women who are currently working from home. It revealed that 80 per cent of women say they feel good about themselves and over half (53 per cent) feel more positive when they wear make-up while on lockdown, suggesting that women are using make-up and skincare as a way to help normalise their new routines. In addition, the research also reveals that almost a third of women believe wearing make-up has a role to play in boosting their mental health.

For many women, make-up continues to be an important part of their routine with almost half of women (46 per cent) continuing to wear make-up every day. Work video conferences seem to be one of the main reasons for this with 45 per cent of women choosing to apply make-up for meetings on Zoom or Skype, making it evident that it's still important to put your best face forward while working from home.

The survey also shows that women have changed their makeup habits since working from home with 82 per cent wearing less make-up and 56 per cent opting for a minimal makeup look for video calls with colleagues, friends and family.

52 per cent of British women have changed their beauty essentials over the last few weeks too. Moisturiser, cleanser and hand cream are the top three trusted must-have beauty items they are turning to in their bathroom cabinets during lockdown.

With time at home, women are also taking more time on their skincare regimes with a third (33 per cent) of women indulging in spending more time on their makeup and skincare routines and 35 per cent trying DIY skincare treatments such as face masks.

No7 has partnered with psychotherapist Lucy Beresford to advocate for the importance of good self-care during this prolonged period at home, in keeping spirits high and looking after your mental health.

Lucy Beresford states: "Self-care and nurture are vital for our wellbeing, since showing our body some TLC reminds us we are valued and adored. Which is why, even though not all of the UK is working from home, it’s important to remember that skincare and make-up can play a pivotal role in normalising our daily routine and boosting our mood during this period of turbulence or uncertainty. Throughout history - such as during WW2 when women used vegetable dyes as make-up, or during recessions when sales of lipstick increased - we can see the way make-up and skincare give us a powerful psychological boost, making us feel confident and more in control. When we look our best, we can feel invincible, ready to take on the day’s challenges."

No7 is encouraging people to take time for themselves for self-care, whether it’s five minutes or an hour, and whether it's with a nourishing face mask, a long bath, or simply having fun trying out make-up looks.

Dr Mike Bell, No7 Skincare Scientific Advisor says: "With there being a huge amount of uncertainty during this unprecedented period, stress and anxiety increases our hormones within the body which can triggers skin inflammation and oxidative stress, within the skin leading to unhealthy skin. It is now more important than ever to ensure you take time out for self-care. Small acts such as nourishing and moisturising your skin and wearing makeup can help to combat stress and give you a much-needed boost during this unsettling time."

No7 is supporting the NHS by providing 10,000 units face creams to staff working on the frontline and patients at the NHS Nightingale London.

The research was conducted by One Poll surveying 1,830 UK women in April 2020

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