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Obviously you want to look your best and feel wonderful on your wedding day. To achieve this you need not only to plan, but also to act, ideally at least six months in advance of your big day.

Beauty treatments and fitness should commence as soon as you can. The range of treatments are huge including waxing, facial, teeth whitening and manicure, to name but a few. Timing is especially important when it comes to hair and makeup, and to ensure you look your best on your wedding day, consider a trial well in advance.

There are a whole range of experts to help you including fitness training and hair and beauty specialists. It is unlikely you will be able to cover everything yourself so consult a professional. Whatever you do, don't leave everything until the last minute.

Here’s some great ideas from hair, beauty and fitness businesses based in South Wales from places like Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, whom you might want to get in touch with...

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How to choose a hair stylist

You have managed to put together a plan – congratulations, the hardest part is done! You want to look beautiful and feel special on your big day, which can easily be achieved with the assistance of a professional. First, decide on your budget. Set your minimum and your maximum. At this stage, it does not matter the exact numbers of people in your party, but it's good to know what your limits are. This next step is very important.... read more

Posted: 29 October 2021

The latest hair and make-up trends

A popular hairstyle is soft Hollywood waves accessorised with pearl pins or a headband. I've also seen a rise in textured up dos with fresh flowers or flower crowns, which is perfect for outdoor weddings with a relaxed boho vibe. For your make-up, soft glamour with brown smoky eyes and gold pigments will make your eyes pop. Finish with wispy lashes, a bronzer and a nude lip. Alternatively, you could opt for the oh-so-popular fresh, dewy look. It's a very natural style that concentrates on the skin with dusky pinks and rose golds for the eyes, blush on the cheeks and a nude or pink for the lips.... read more

Posted: 28 July 2021

Loxus Hair and Make-up by Maya Jasinska HMUA have announced a new partnership with Charlotte Tilbury

Loxus Hair and Make-up by Maya Jasinska HMUA have announced a new partnership with Charlotte Tilbury. The company will have exclusive access to products with some amazing offers for its clients. The owner, Maya, tells us: "We were recently introduced to their full range, and we absolutely love it. We're an opulence brand which provides exceptional services for all aspects of hair and make-up. We've been recognised by various wedding, hairdressing and beauty industries and have won several awards. Established in 2018, we've flourished into a luxury brand across the UK and internationally."... read more

Posted: 22 July 2021

What to expect at your hair and make-up trial

You may have secured your date with a hair and make-up artist, but as we all have different ideas and tastes, it's essential you book a taster session with them. Once your hair and make-up trial has commenced, both yourself and your artist will know what to expect on the day. It's a great time to provide feedback and discuss any adjustments you wish to make. After all, you need to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on your wedding day. I love meeting brides-to-be during the consultation. Although this may take four hours, it's the only time I have to get to know you and find your perfect look.... read more

Posted: 14 July 2021

Loxus Hair and Make-up is offering a free trial on weddings taking place in 2022

Loxus Hair and Make-up based in Cardiff provides wedding hair and make-up services. Recognised by various wedding, hairdressing and beauty industries, the company was founded in 2018 by Maya Jasinska and has since flourished into a luxury brand. Maya is a multi-award-winning stylist whose work has been featured on the cover of several UK magazines. She's also a proud founding member of the Association of British Wedding Businesses and a member of BECTU, a union for professional freelancers.... read more

Posted: 6 July 2021

Do you live up to your star sign when it comes to relationships?

If you're here reading County Wedding Magazines you're on your journey towards walking down that aisle to meet your one and only at the end of it - aaah! Have you looked to the stars to see how compatible you are? Are there things you wish you knew about your partner to really put a smile on their face? From personality type to the perfect date here Holistic Therapist Katie May at Switchback Travel presents the kind of partner you are, according to your star sign....... read more

Posted: 18 June 2021

The sun is shining - and here's why it's making us all happier!

It's almost a universal fact that many of us just feel better when the sun is shining. Whether it's because we can forgo our winter coats, or because we love sitting in a pub garden after work and can just relax, we all seem to feel calmer when the sun in shining. Here, Health Practitioner and Skin Specialist, Tammy Richards at Pure Optical explains the science behind why the sun makes us feel happier and how it can even improve our physical health and wellbeing...... read more

Posted: 14 June 2021

Hair and make-up artist, Charmaine Gorwill gives her top tips for repairing damaged skin

When working outside, prevention is key. Your skin should be protected as much as possible, so use SPF 50 every day, no matter how dull and grey the weather may be. If possible, layer up your protection with some kind of shielding, such as a scarf, to block out the harsh winds. Stay away from soap and minimise the use of hot water, as the temperature change can make your skin red and sore. A skincare routine every morning and night will benefit the hydration and texture of your skin. Use cleansing water and toner to clean it, don't use anything with too many chemicals and finish with a nourishing moisturiser afterwards. My favourite is Elemis they do a wide range of products to suit everyone.... read more

Posted: 12 May 2021

How to care for your skin in the run-up to your wedding

You cannot ignore the benefits of drinking lots of water and eating your five a day, so get on board with both at least six months before the wedding. When it comes to your skincare, make you sure you remove your make-up before bed and cleanse, preferably twice a day, using a toner and moisturiser straight after. I recommend products that are PH balanced. PH 5.5 helps the skin to balance itself and not have to fight products that are too acidic or have too much alkaline. Breaking down the PH of the skin leaves it vulnerable to infections, acne, spots and dryness.... read more

Posted: 7 April 2021

How to find the perfect make-up artist

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You will receive a beautiful album created by your photographer, and every time you look inside, it will bring back memories of the day where you looked and felt gorgeous. I cannot stress how important it is to find the right person to do your make-up. The perfect artist is the one who knows how to listen to and understand your needs. They will work with you to create a once in a lifetime look.... read more

Posted: 24 March 2021