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Lotts of love from Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is a singer, writer, actress, TV judge and now KISS brand ambassador. With her own wedding on the horizon, beauty editor Ivana Sidey catches up with the pop princess

Lotts of love from Pixie Lott: Image 1
Some singers seem to have it all, but when you meet them, their personality doesn't quite match their bubbly persona. Not Pixie Lott. She's just as kind and caring as she seems on The Voice Kids, so it came as a surprise to hear she gets stressed and has some fashion and beauty faux pas she'd rather forget, just like the rest of us. Here she reveals all…

When I look in the mirror I see... a friendly person.

I wanted to work with KISS because... I'm a big fan of Kiss' nails and lashes and it just seemed like the perfect collaboration. Having been a fan of their ranges already and wearing them all the time it just makes me happy to talk about it.

The thing I love about the lashes is… they offer such an amazing variety. You have the Look So Natural range and the True Volume for maybe more of a day look. I'm wearing the Lily lashes right now from its Blooming Lash range. The evening looks can be found in the Lash Couture range and I love the Little Black Dress. I like wearing that out. But tonight for my performance I think I'm going to go for the Gala for a really bold eye look.

My favourite style to wear on my nails is... Impress nails. It's been really revolutionary for me because I'm always in a rush so I need nails that I can do myself and that fit in with my lifestyle. So with these, you put them on, they last a long time and they obviously don't smudge, which is a problem I always had when I was painting my nails last minute. They're also easy to swop because there's so many different patterns and styles to match your different looks. I've had fun wearing them for my music video and now all my friends and family wear them too, which is fun! The other range is the Gel Fantasy – I actually wore one for my The Voice performance and it worked really well with my outfit.

When it comes to managing stress I… try not to find it annoying. It's tough because stress can get in the way of things. I've been working hard for so long so I've pretty much had a busy schedule for as long as I can remember, but I think it's important not to be too overworked, which can happen really easily. I have to try and put in as many breaks as I can with massages and facials – I think it's my favourite way to pamper myself because I can just take that time to really relax and not focus too much on pressure or stress – it's one of those vicious cycles where the more you think about it, the more you have it. I just try to focus on the fun stuff and doing things that I enjoy. For me that's music, fashion, beauty, and film. I'm so happy that I get to do what I love.

Summer is all about… festivals, holidays, summery tunes and experimenting with your style. Summer is happiness.

I love Audrey Hepburn's style the most… I loved playing Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was an amazing year because I was playing her nearly every day, so I feel like she's part of me now. That's why it's amazing to be back at the Haymarket Hotel because the theatre is next door and it's where I spent all of last summer, so this place is full of great memories for me. We actually did the play based on the original book, so all of the fashion and beauty was based on the '40s – always a lash, an eyeliner and a red lip. I'll remember that look and admire Holly's style. She was such a fabulous woman – she'd have the best suits and the best dresses. All in all I had 25 outfit changes, which was amazing. Holly was the life and soul of the party and I want to take her spirit with me.

My most treasured item is…. my engagement ring because it's so beautiful! I didn't actually know what sort of ring I wanted so I don't know how Oliver guessed so right. When I saw it I said, 'Wow, that's the ring I've always wanted, but I didn't know.'

My beauty essentials are… my Impress Nails. My everyday lash is the Ritzy style from the True Volume Kiss range and I carry the glue with me as a backup. I'm loving the Zadig & Voltaire perfume; it's really fresh and sweet. I don't really like fragrances when they're too sweet; my friends were all obsessed with Fantasy by Britney Spears that smells like candyfloss and it was everywhere at school. This is a really good mix of it still having that sweetness but it's not too overbearing. In terms of skincare, I love Linda Meredith – she's an amazing facialist and has taught me to stick to the same skincare rather than mixing and matching. Finally, I've been experimenting with my hair recently and trying lots of different colours; I had bright neon hair which was really fun and the more you wash it the more the shade changes, so it grew to a softer pink and now it's just a tint. That's from my own paint range that has every colour you can imagine and three's even more colours coming out soon.

I cringe when I think about my biggest faux pas... Looking back on old pictures I think I'd have to say my hairstyle. Recently I've been embracing my natural curly hair, but when I was at school I also embraced the straighteners so I had a mix of straight and curly hair. Plus I was adamant on having a side fringe that was dead straight and the rest was curly so I looked a bit clown-like.

The best piece of advice I've ever heard… was from my dad. He always used to say, 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.' I think that just comes down to saying that hard work always pays off. You never get anything easy, and if you do, you still have to work hard to maintain it. There's always going to be obstacles but if you have the determination and the passion then your hard work will pay off. The people who have influenced me the most are… my parents. They brought me and my brother and sister up, so I try to take the best from my mum and dad and merge it together.

I'll never forget when a make-up artist told me… Don't overload on product so it's too heavy because cosmetics are for enhancing your beauty and your mood. Also, don't be afraid to have fun with it.

The difference between my everyday and my stage look is… all in the lashes. For every day I'll go for the Look So Natural or Blooming Lash range with cream products where I can focus on the glowiness of the skin. For nighttime I really go to town with a bolder look and a smoky feline eye.

My guilty pleasure is… chocolate. I eat it every night before bed so I really need to rein that in.

My biggest regret is… hard to pinpoint. I must have some but, as clichéd as it sounds, you need them to happen so you can learn from those accidents and mistakes. The hard times all happen for a reason and you can take something away from all of those experiences and it helps you to appreciate the good times.

I'm proudest of… I obviously loved getting number ones and winning awards and going on tour but I most enjoy being on stage and playing to big festivals. It's strange though because I'd never say I feel proud of myself. Whereas now I'm doing the Voice Kids and seeing their little faces and how amazing they are reminds me of when I was their age doing the same sort of thing – that makes me feel proud. I want them all to do so well.

I think my wedding hair and make-up will be… something that's timeless, classic and beautiful.

Find out more about Pixie at www.pixielott.com | All Kiss products can be found at www.boots.com