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Dress style and embellishments to help give the illusion of height

Martlet by Tiffany’s Bridal Q – I’m 5ft tall, and my hubby-to-be is over 6ft! What dress style and embellishments will help give me the illusion of height?

"Before we talk about dresses, let’s discuss shoes! A high heel will not only give you extra inches but will also make you stand up straighter and give you great posture. Remember to choose your shoes wisely as you’re going to be in them all day, so you need to feel comfortable. Here are some things you should look for when choosing your dress:

"Dresses with a plunge or deep V-neckline will help elongate your torso and draw the eye down to your waist, which will help give the illusion of height.

"Vertical patterns are really important. Now I’m not saying get a gown with vertical stripes all over it but look for designs that have lace or embellishments that run vertically down the dress. The detailing doesn’t have to cover the entire thing, but any patterns that go from the shoulder to past the hips will help elongate your figure. You don’t need to avoid horizontals altogether, as a dainty belt or detailing around the waist can look amazing.

"Alterations are important, so don’t skip these! The fastest way to make you look shorter is to not get the length altered. All the excess fabric at the bottom will swap you, and all the hard work you put into finding your dream gown will be wasted. Make sure it sits just above the floor and covers your shoes."

Rachel Parry
Wedding dress expert 

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