Styling trends for 2022

Inside a marquee with round tables dressed with flowers Credit: www.richandmaria.coQ – What styling trends do you think will be popular in 2022?

"The popular décor and themes for 2022 promise to be bolder than ever, and what links them is nostalgia. I don’t think it’s any coincidence given the last 18 months that people are looking to the past rather than the present for inspiration. Among the trends I expect to see are:

"Period features – With costume dramas in high concentration we expect to see trends develop around this theme. Pretty pastels, timepieces such as gramophones and brandy bars are more popular than ever and add a nice touch to any event.

"Disco details – The focus on all things glitter, neon, and retro have not disappeared, and I think it’s a trend that will continue to grow throughout 2022. With many companies now offering reasonably priced bespoke neon signs, the world is your oyster.

"Seeking nature – We are seeing increasing numbers of people wanting to bring the outside in. Whether you hire real plants in volume or silk alternatives, it can be done sympathetically and will dramatically alter marquees and indoor spaces.

"Unusual table configurations – This trend has been developing for some time. Whether it’s a mixture of square, rectangular and long tables or something completely different like our S Table. It’s nice to mix and match and makes planning even more fun. There is also a move away from classic materials, and our hairpin leg tables are a welcome change from the standard trestle versions."

Beth Stretton 
Venue stylist

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