How to find two dresses that look great together but aren’t too similar

Sycamore 69716 by Ronald Joyce My wife-to-be and I want showstopping dresses that aren’t too similar. Do you have any suggestions?

"I would start by talking to each other and finding out what your likes and dislikes are. There are so many showstopping wedding dresses that would look great together. If you both love lace, then perhaps look for different silhouettes, for instance, one of you in a fitted shape and the other in an A-line silhouette.

"Book an appointment in the same shop, so the boutique can ensure your fabulous wedding dress is removed from the rail so that when your wife-to-be comes to visit, your dress isn’t in sight, and there is no danger of you choosing the same gown! If you both request an appointment with the same consultant, they can also guide you away from something too similar.

"Sycamore 69716 by Ronald Joyce is a gorgeous fitted dress with stunning sleeves, and Peggy 18605, a stunning A-line dress with a fabulous V neckline, would really suit each other.

"Two of our favourites from Morilee are Chelsea 2372, a fabulous A-line gown with pretty lace sleeves, and Beatrix 2305, which is a stunning fit-and-flare wedding dress with off-the-shoulder capped sleeves."

Vicki Anthony

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