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Find out more about local boutique, Laura May Bridal

Find out more about local boutique, Laura May Bridal

Meet Laura and May of Laura May Bridal.

The experience... At Laura May Bridal, you can expect a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We provide private consultations, during which our friendly team will help you find the perfect gown. We have two boutiques – located just 10 minutes apart – with each offering a wide range of styles, colours and silhouettes.

The designers... We stock a variety of designers, and the majority are listed on our website.

Time frame... Visit your chosen boutique a year before the big day. Dresses can take three to nine months to be delivered, and you'll need at least six to eight weeks for alternations.

Top tips... Keep an open mind. The majority of our brides choose a style that they never considered before their consultation. Bring a small entourage to your appointment. We advise a maximum of three people, as too many opinions can be overwhelming.