How to choose the perfect wedding entertainment

How to choose the perfect wedding entertainment Credit: www.nealejames.comWe asked June Gould (DJ June Cecilia), the DJ and managing director at SGDJ Weddings, for her top tips on booking your wedding entertainment.

She tells us: "One of the most important things to think about is the end of the night. Will it be a culmination of letting your hair down and enjoying yourself? Will your guests have the stamina to party until the early hours or will you be too tired?

"If you have an early ceremony, consider having an earlier evening function. It’s so much fun when everyone stays until the end, and you have a final song with everyone around you. By not ending too late, you reduce the risk of people leaving in dribs and drabs and you both having to leave the dancefloor to say goodbye to guests. Alternatively, if you’re getting married in the late afternoon, you can start the party later, so you have time to mingle before the dancefloor gets busy.

"Don’t book buses to leave before the end of the party to ensure everyone is unified for the end of the night.

"If you’ve hired a live band or singer, don’t skimp when it comes to having a DJ. It’s important to keep the momentum going and have a continuation of music, so that when the band finishes the party continues.

"Meet with your entertainer either virtually or in person. It helps to identify what vibe you’re looking to achieve and how this suits your guests. It’s also essential that you can trust him or her. You might find it’s worth having a DJ for the whole day to look after the music for every part of the day. I know it’s always an honour to provide the key music and record the speeches and vows. Check your DJ offer this service before booking.

"When picking a song for your first dance, ask yourself why that song? It really helps if it means something to you or brings back a happy memory. It might be all in the lyrics, but choose it for you and not for what others think.

"Have some water handy for when you say your vows or give speeches. Either wear comfortable shoes the whole day or have something to change into for dancing. Don’t choose clothes just because you like the look, think about how it makes you feel and ensure you’re comfortable.

"Lastly, allow yourself moments to take a mental picture. Feel, enjoy and relish! After all, it’s your day and should be one to remember with fondness."

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