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Hair and make-up artist, Charmaine Gorwill gives her top tips for repairing damaged skin

Bride near the water Q  – I have an outdoor job, and my skin really suffers in the winter. How can I repair the damages of the cold and wind in time for my summer wedding?

"When working outside, prevention is key. Your skin should be protected as much as possible, so use SPF 50 every day, no matter how dull and grey the weather may be. If possible, layer up your protection with some kind of shielding, such as a scarf, to block out the harsh winds.

"Stay away from soap and minimise the use of hot water, as the temperature change can make your skin red and sore.

"A skincare routine every morning and night will benefit the hydration and texture of your skin. Use cleansing water and toner to clean it, don’t use anything with too many chemicals and finish with a nourishing moisturiser afterwards. My favourite is Elemis they do a wide range of products to suit everyone."

Charmaine Gorwill
Hair and make-up artist

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