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Tips for planning a small wedding

DJ set up Q – Do you have any tips for planning a small wedding?

"Sit back, close your eyes and walk through what you would like to happen on your day from start to finish and ask yourself what will impact the joy of the day? What will help take the stress out? What highlights do you imagine? Who do you want to share it with the most, and how will you be able to make memories that will last?

"We recently had a family wedding with only 15 guests. For us, the most important parts of the day were that the people who matter to us were participating in the ceremony, we had a Zoom broadcast to all those who couldn’t attend, plenty of photos, memorable music and a very tasty cake!

"As restrictions ease, it’s important to plan ahead so that you’re not struggling to book suppliers. It’s worth doing the following research:

  • See evidence of their work and past reviews.
  • If possible, meet in person or have a video conference.
  • Check what is included in quoted prices.
  • Determine what booking fee or deposit your suppliers require.
"If you’re having an intimate gathering, don’t think about abandoning the entertainment. If you have a DJ/MC or singer, they can be the glue that holds the day together. People may have travelled a long way and music can entertain and untie people and also keep them at the venue longer. Remember, music doesn’t need to be loud, but it needs to be relevant. I know I could spend hours preparing music for a forthcoming wedding, and it’s so important that the couple connects with what they hear.

"It’s worth having a plan of action to go forward. Make a table with two columns. One should be ‘what we do if only small numbers are possible’, and the other should be ‘if things get back to normal.’ Consider the impact of each on your guests and the flexibility of your suppliers and venue. Ensure your vendors are in this with you. See what they can do to fit with the new situation. I hope you enjoy your preparations and ensure you savour the moment!"

June Gould (DJ June Cecilia) 

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