How to choose the perfect wedding DJ

DJ set up DJ June Gould (DJ June Cecilia) gives us her top tips for choosing a DJ.

"Music is key to generating a great atmosphere for your party. Customising the songs to suit everyone’s tastes is important, so look at the age range attending and consider what would please everyone.

"A band will usually play for one to three hours, so there will be time between sets when your friends and family may still want to be entertained. Therefore, having a DJ is a good idea, given most weddings last five or more hours.

"Alternatively, a DJ can entertain you for the whole evening and play a wide range of music. If you’re using the same room for the afternoon and evening, you may want to hire your DJ for the whole day to help everything run smoothly.

"How do I find a suitable supplier? Check reviews from past events and clients. Meet them in person or have a virtual meeting. Ensure they have PAT tested equipment and Public Liability Insurance. This is a safety practice, and most venues will insist on it. See what your suppliers can provide. Some DJs don’t have bright lighting, for instance.

"Check what additional services you need that the DJ can provide. For example, if you hire a marquee and a PA system for your speeches, then you may have a smaller budget left for your entertainment. However, if you book a DJ with lighting and a PA, then it may work out cheaper than doing it separately. Make sure you talk to your supplier before the day to discuss your options."

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How to find the perfect wedding DJ

As an experienced DJ of 30 years, I recommend you look for a dedicated supplier who can cater for the whole family...

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