How to incorporate a vintage theme into your hair and make-up

Bride with a vintage wedding style Q – We’re having a vintage-inspired wedding, and I’d love to incorporate the theme into my hair and make-up. Do you have any suggestions?

"A vintage-themed wedding can be anything from the glamour of the 1920s to the rock and roll energy of the 50s. A couple that chooses a particular decade usually lives a somewhat vintage lifestyle and equates that in their style. Create an inspiration board to help group your ideas. Pick the hairstyle you like the most and ask your stylist to work with you to re-create it, taking into consideration your face shape, hair thickness and texture. Your make-up should enhance your chosen style, think of smoky eyes, red lips, liners and lashes mixed with a modern-day twist.

"Hollywood waves or a marcel wave created with modern techniques, dressed with a Great Gatsby-inspired headpiece would look stunning.

"Most hair and make-up artists have done theatrical work and have trained to create looks throughout the ages so ask to see their previous work to get an idea of their capabilities."

Janet White-Ashby 
Hair and make-up artist

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