Questions to ask your DJ before booking

Busy dancefloor at a wedding Credit: www.andyholterphotography.comQ – What questions should we ask our DJ before booking?

"Can we choose the music you play? If you’ve been to a wedding where the music played was awful, this might be because the DJ was not reading the room or had a limited collection. Alternatively, it might mean they were tailoring the music to that specific couple, and they had different tastes to you. Most experienced DJs will be happy to take some requests before the wedding, it’s your day after all. The age of Spotify playlists can mean that clients can have very set ideas of what they want to hear. Keep in mind that what sounds good in the car might not be a great hit on the dancefloor. Part of making a good party is ensuring that as many people as possible feel included.

"Can we see pictures of the setup? Your DJ should be able to do this, however, there are many different styles available. Some suppliers will give you a choice, and others may only have one option. Some companies will send a sub-contracted DJ along so it may not be possible to see what will be provided. If you’re booking your wedding two years in advance, then they may upgrade or change their style in that time. Keep in touch to confirm what the situation is and ask for an update.

"Can we see reviews from past clients? It’s important to see what other people’s experiences have been. If the DJ hasn’t done a wedding before, then you would be wise to find out what they intend to do to prepare. Is there a mentor they can work with? If there are no online reviews, can they give you the phone number of a past client to talk to? The safest choice is to choose someone with experience and good reviews.

"Do you have Public Liability Insurance, and is your equipment PAT tested? Many venues will insist that these documents are presented by the entertainment to be permitted on the premises. Some will also request a risk assessment.

"What other services do you offer? Most mobile DJs will offer an all-day service which will save you separate costs of live musicians, PA hire, master of ceremonies and more. Some will also provide light-up letters, monogram lights, selfie wizards, photo booths and dancefloors. It can be much easier to deal with one person or company than five different ones.

"Can we meet you? It’s important to have a good connection and communication with your DJ. If you would like to meet at the venue, many suppliers will oblige. If this is not practical, then an online meeting would be a good idea. If your DJ doesn’t want to do this, then it might be worth asking why."

June Gould (DJ June Cecilia) 

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