Hair stylist Stacey Williams tells us her top tips for styling curly hair

Up do Credit: – I have short, curly hair and am not sure how to style it for the big day. Do you have any suggestions?

"You could embrace your natural curls by scrunching the hair with good products and doing a half up and half down style. Pin some loose tousled pieces off your face while leaving the remaining pieces curly. Alternatively, you could smooth some of your locks out to create a more relaxed style. This can be done by straightening certain areas. Depending on the length of your hair you could create a loose up do. This can be high or low depending on the length you have to work with.

"The key to controlling curly tresses is quality products. Some of my favourites are:
"Goldwell Curl Cream – This is great for enhancing natural curls and bringing them to life.
"Affinage Kitoko Oil – An intense nourishing oil for all hair types, leaving your locks soft and silky but not greasy.
"Bed Head Let’s Party Serum – One of my favourite serums for up dos, it smooths cuticles to tame flyaway hair.
"Milkshake 12 Effects Serum – An intensive treatment, with an amazing 12 effects, including heat defence and UV protection.
"Osis Hairspray – A great product that’s fast-drying and non-sticky, so it’s easy to brush out."

Stacey Williams
Hair stylist

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