Janet E White-Ashby tells us the best hair and make-up styles for a summer wedding

Bride and groom laughing Credit: www.michellehuggleston.comQ – What hair and make-up styles should I consider for my summer wedding?

"Deciding whether your hair should be up or down comes down to the neckline of your wedding dress. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, have your locks down or half up in beach waves or curls. This will look pretty and feminine while showing off the gown’s neckline.

"An up do is ideal if you’re worried about being hot throughout the day. Tendrils will make the style soft and romantic and cooler on the nape of the neck.

"Popular styles this summer include both high and sleek low ponytails. These enhance dresses that are off-the-shoulder.

"Your make-up should enhance your features, adding a natural glow that will last all day long. A bright sunny day brings out the colour on make-up applications and should be applied accordingly, as you do not want to look overly done.

"Preparation of the skin before the make-up is applied is very important to make it last, look for moisturiser (hydration) and a lasting foundation, set with a light powder, especially over the T zone areas.

"Primers are applied to the eyes, so your eyeshadow does not crease, and smudge-proof or waterproof eyeliners and mascaras should be used, as they do not melt in the heat.

"Add a light flush of blusher, highlighter to the cheeks and a natural lip colour that goes well in the summer months, again nothing too bright. Finally, your look should be finished with a setting spray."

Janet E White-Ashby
Hair and make-up artist 

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