How to stop the heat ruining your hair and make-up

Bride and groom embracing Credit: www.michellehuggleston.comI’m getting married in July and am worried the heat will cause my hair to drop and my make-up to run! How can I make sure I look fabulous all day?

"There are different products to help your hair and make-up last longer in the summer. For oily skin, you don’t want layers of thick make-up, and hair spray must be a strong hold that lasts through the humidity.

"We generally recommend a summer bride to have her hair up, as the locks will be pinned up and in place all day, keeping the neck cool throughout the day. If you want your hair down, a half up/ down style is ideal. Apply a volumising mousse before styling to help keep the look in place throughout the day.

"Know your skin! Prepping skin before applying your make-up is essential. Keep your foundation light and not too heavy, do not powder throughout the day as this will eventually cake and instead blot with tissues but be careful not to remove the make-up.

"Remember, primers and setting sprays are key to keeping your look in place throughout the day."

Janet E White-Ashby

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