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Shine Like A Diamond

Shine Like A Diamond

Q I'm looking for sentimental gifts to give my wedding party on the morning of the wedding. Do you have any suggestions?
A The Expert says: Firstly, a huge congratulations from all of our team here at Carrie Elspeth! Here are some suggestions for gifts for your wedding party:

Matching sets: Matching jewellery that you can give to your wedding party typically includes coordinating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. By gifting matching jewellery, you can create a sense of unity and cohesion among your wedding party, symbolising your shared bond and the special role that they play on your wedding day.

Symbolic designs: Look for items that feature symbols such as hearts, knots, or other motifs associated with love, unity, or friendship. These symbolic pieces can serve as a beautiful reminder of the meaningful connection you share with your wedding party.

Sentiments bracelets: Carrie Elspeth offers a range of bracelets that are perfect for conveying heartfelt sentiments. Each bracelet features a meaningful word or phrase, such as 'love', 'friendship', or 'gratitude'. Choose a specific mantra that resonates with each member of your wedding party, reflecting your appreciation for their presence on your special day.

Gemstone bracelets: Select bracelets featuring gemstones like amethyst for peace and protection, rose quartz for love and harmony, or angelite for compassion and communication. The chosen gemstone can represent a specific quality or wish you have for your wedding party members, making it a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

Colourful designs: Look for pieces that feature colours that hold significance to your wedding party or that complement your wedding theme.

Hearts for love: Carrie Elspeth offer a range of heart-shaped products, including keyrings and jewellery, that make sentimental gifts for your wedding party, symbolising love, and gratitude in a meaningful and elegant way

The Expert, Carrie Elspeth

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