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Time to celebrate

Time to celebrate

Q. We're having our wedding in our local church followed by a drinks reception outside; can a harp be moved to play in both locations, and is there anything we need to take into consideration?

A. Hannah Williams says: I have played at numerous weddings in which I have moved location between the ceremony and drinks reception. I usually arrive at the reception venue and set up before the majority of the guests arrive, but having a few photos at the church and mingling with your guests outside for a short while usually aids in ensuring that I have enough time to pack the harp away and arrive at the reception venue before your guests arrive.

A few considerations are needed to allow your harpist to comfortably play outdoors. As the instrument is very valuable it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight and away from the elements. Having a flat surface to place the harp on is also an important consideration as the harp must be kept steady. The harpist may also have an amplifier and therefore need access to power.

Speak to your harpist and venue directly to ensure there are plans in place in the event of hot or adverse weather conditions, such as providing a parasol and ensuring there is a shaded area for the harpist to set up if the weather is hot or allowing the harpist to set up indoors in the event of rain.

Hannah Williams, Hannah Williams Harpist


Dance the night away

Dance the night away

Q. We're having a Christmas-themed wedding and would love to incorporate the theme into our entertainment without it being over the top. Do you have any ideas?

A. Alan Matthews says: Christmas weddings are magical, often with beautifully decorated venues that are in keeping with the festive season. I suppose the question on every bride's mind is, what is too much? As a DJ, I hardly play any seasonal music at the wedding, just a couple of songs to acknowledge the time of year. Any more than that, and it can start to feel a little cheesy. The important thing to remember is that the main focus of the day is your wedding and your Christmas theme should be a small bonus on the side.

Alan Matthews, Cardiff Wedding Disco