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Showstopping magic

Showstopping magic

Q. We will be having guests of all ages attending our wedding and were thinking of hiring a magician to keep them entertained. What should we look for before booking a supplier?

A. Bryan Gunton says: When looking for a magician you might make some assumptions based on experiences or stereotypes. The reality in most cases is magicians are as individual as your wedding will be to you. As you would spend time researching your photographer, do the same with your entertainment. Ask yourself what you would like the magician to be here for? Is it to occupy the children during the speeches, or to generate reactions for photographs? You may need magic in the form of a cabaret during the day or more of a grown-up show in the evening.

Chat with the supplier and ask about their experience and available options. A large percentage will mostly perform close up magic so you may need to shop around for different options. Ask if they have worked at your venue before, and what works well there.

Price is often the biggest question with magicians as they can start as low as £100 and go up to £1,000. This is because some magicians can do more than just tricks, with added value, experience and availability the price is generally higher. A full-time magician will generally charge more as this is their sole income and they have to cover the expenses of running a business. Only pay what your comfortable with and remember optional extras will cost more.

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