FAQs and expert advice about flower preservation

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Made with love

Made with love

Q. I want to preserve my wedding flowers and give them to my bridesmaids as gifts. Do you have any suggestions of how I do this?

A. Emma Cross says: Get in touch with your supplier as far in advance as possible to secure your date. A week or so before your wedding, your preservation artist will be in touch to discuss what designs you would like. You'll then receive information on the postage and packaging of your flowers. This is likely to be the last thing on your mind after your wedding, so nominating someone from your bridal party or a family member to oversee the postage of your flowers will take the pressure off, after all, you're likely going to be super excited about heading off on your honeymoon.

Some brides provide bridesmaids' bags as gifts the night before their wedding, so why not pop a little note in there to say a thank you gift is being handmade for them with the flowers after the wedding? Once your blooms have been posted, let your preservation artist do the rest.

Emma Cross, Encapsulated Memories


Treasured memories

Treasured memories

Q. I'm thinking of having my flowers preserved after the wedding. How does the process work?

A. Kate Pugh says: Start by contacting your supplier to secure your date. You will be contacted before the wedding to arrange how you will get your bouquet to them. For example, I ask couples to either post their blooms using my guide or bring them down to my studio.

I then ask couples what they would like made from the bouquet. I offer a wide range of products, including coasters, earrings, letters, frames and much more. Once that's decided, the flowers will go into a drying process which takes about two-three weeks. Once this is done, the flowers are ready to go into the design stage. They will then be coated in resin, sanded before a top coat is applied, and then the order is complete and ready to be given to the happy couple.

Kate Pugh, Out of the Box