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Q. We want to incorporate our Welsh heritage into our big day, do you have any suggestions?

A. Melaine Hall says: Welsh cakes would make perfect wedding favours while also adding a touch of your heritage to the day. Here at Welsh Cake Hut, every order is bespoke, you can choose the flavour, shape, add ribbons and tags.

Love spoons are also a great idea. According to Welsh folklore, they were traditionally made from a single piece of wood and ornately carved by men as a gift to show his affection for his sweetheart.

Melaine Hall


Cake expectations

Cake expectations

Q. My wife-to-be and I love strong flavours and want something unusual for our cake. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Zoe O'Sullivan says: It's always a great idea to have different flavours when it comes to your wedding cake. Whether it be two or five tiers, opt for a variety to give your guests a choice.

- An indulgent strong flavour is black forest. It's to die for, oozing with kirsch cherries, cream cheese frosting and deep dark chocolate, it gets everyone's taste buds dancing.

- Alternately, you could select coconut and lime or lemon and blueberry, if you want a zesty, summer taste. Lemon and blueberry is my absolute favourite, and it looks beautiful when cut with fresh blueberries throughout the sponge.

- If you want more unusual flavours that people won't expect, opt for Lotus Biscoff, chocolate orange or cherry Bakewell.

Zoe O'Sullivan


The wow factor

The wow factor

Q. We've decided to have a grand cake made from cheese. Do you have any ideas?

A. Tom Pinder says: - A cake made up of wheels of artisan cheese will make a striking centrepiece.

- Our largest standard creation is six tiers and is nearly half a metre tall. It weighs more than 13 kilos and feeds around 150 guests.

- The most important thing to remember is don't compromise on quality by going for a larger option.

- Make sure you choose a cheese specialist who sources high-quality products from independent producers.

Tom Pinder


Food for thought

Food for thought

Q. We're having a summer wedding and would love to incorporate the season into our cake. Do you have any ideas?

A. Katie Padfield says: - Look for summer flowers, foliage and lush green colours.

- Opt for a semi-naked design decorated with blooms or summer fruits.

- Soft floral shades are a great way of incorporating the season into your big-day bake.

- A hint of 24ct gold will enhance any creation and looks fabulous in the sun.

Katie Padfield




Q. We're currently planning our big day, and we've decided against a traditional wedding cake. Do you have any alternative suggestions?

A. Tom Pinder says: A wedding cake made from cheese would make a fantastic alternative for your big day.

When made out of quality ingredients, the final result can be just as striking as a traditional sponge bake.

If your wedding is taking place in Wales, then a Welsh artisan cheese tower would be the perfect choice.

It can even be served as dessert for your loved ones in the evening.

Pair the cheeses with local chutneys, crackers, fruits and nuts.

Tom Pinder


A delicious addition

A delicious addition

Q. We've decided to have Welshcakes at our upcoming nuptials, but we're not sure what flavours our guests would like. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Jo Roberts says: Opting for different flavoured Welshcakes is a great idea and is sure to be a talking point for your guests.

I recommended you choose a variety of flavours, including the most popular option that comes with sultanas and raisins.

My personal favourites are milk and white chocolate, cranberry and vanilla.

Lemon and cinnamon are great choices. They're both very distinctive and not too sweet.

Remember to ask your friends and family before you book to find out whether they have any special dietary requirements. If they do, you can purchase diabetic, vegan and gluten-free options.

Jo Roberts

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