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A flavour explosion

A flavour explosion

Q. What cake designs and flavours would you suggest for a summer-themed wedding?

A. Malwina says: A flavour that is trending for summer weddings is berries. Don't be afraid to use fresh berries as decoration or in the sponge or buttercream. Make use of the variety of options available. One of our favourites is lemon raspberry with lemon curd.

Always creating headlines are the naked cakes. It's a lighter option for those who do not want a lot of buttercream. These cakes can be adorned with fresh berries and flowers or whatever the happy couple desires.

Some of the old favourites such as chocolate, red velvet, carrot and lemon drizzle will always be well received by guests.

Malwina, Mal Bakes Cakes


Slice as nice

Slice as nice

Q. My wife-to-be and I want a vegan wedding cake that ties in with our summer theme. Do you have any ideas?

A. Sarah Powney says: Summer weddings are fabulous because you have the choice of so many fruits, colours and flavours. Our favourite cakes to make are tiered creations where each layer is a different flavour that all complement each other.

When it comes to texture and flavour, our cakes taste the same as non-vegan versions, and your guests won't notice the difference.

Sarah Powney, The Naked Vegan


Slice as nice

Slice as nice

Q. We're having a summer wedding and want light flavours for our wedding cake. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Jenny Leeb-Du Toit says: A summer wedding is the perfect time to incorporate fruit into your wedding cake. Orange is underrated, but it's light and refreshing. Elderflower is another light, delicate flavour that teams well with fresh lemon and tastes like the British countryside. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle even had this flavour for their big-day bake.

Two of my absolute favourites are raspberry and strawberry. I don't use artificial flavouring, but the addition of freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries can create a beautiful flavour to a light, soft sponge.

Jenny Leeb-Du Toit, Cakes Especially For You


Cake expectations

Cake expectations

Q. We're having a boho-inspired wedding and would love to incorporate elements of our theme into our cake. Do you have any ideas?

A. Jenny Leeb-Du-Toit says: The first type of bake that comes to mind when thinking of a relaxed boho theme is a buttercream coated cake. Semi-naked and rough-iced buttercream cakes look casual and would suit your theme perfectly. Opt for a creation that's stacked high and covered in flowers. Roses, berries, cornflowers and chrysanthemums will make a big impact. Your chosen supplier will ensure that the blooms are safe enough to come into direct contact with food.

Pressed dried flowers arranged around the cake and dried arrangements are new trends that are quickly becoming popular.

Other ways to incorporate your theme is to take details from your dress and have them recreated in sugar. Fringing and/or embroidery can be used to create a bespoke design.

Jenny Leeb-Du-Toit, Cakes Especially For You


The sweet stuff

The sweet stuff

Q. What flavours and decorations should we choose for our festive-themed cake?

A. Jenny Leeb-du Toit says: There are several ways of incorporating a winter theme into your cake. A traditional white cake will give you a great base to build upon.

Evergreen foliage in greens and greys mixed with winter berries, fir cones and flowers would make a great addition. Choose between white for the berries and flowers, or winter hues such as reds and golds. Your cake maker will advise you on whether fresh or sugar versions would be better, as some plants are toxic and cannot be used. Lavender, for instance, is both hardy through winter and non-toxic, which makes it safe to put directly onto the cake.

Fruits, nuts and edible berries are great alternatives. They can add colour, style and warmth to a festive cake, grouped with or without some evergreen foliage. Figs, strawberries and blackberries not only look good but also edible. Sugar dipping some of the fruit will also add a frosted look to your design.

Build more on the snow and ice theme by adding silver and blue icicles and snowflakes. If you're going to add flowers, stick to the white and blue theme.

Traditional fruit cakes were the go-to winter cake for centuries in this country. It's spicy and steeped in warming brandy or sherry. Alternatively, you could opt for a ginger cake or passionfruit and orange if you want something a bit different.

Jenny Leeb-du Toit, Cakes Especially For You

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