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Styled to perfection

Styled to perfection

Q. We're having a rustic-themed wedding in a gorgeous barn. Do you have any ideas of how we can style it?

A. Beth Stretton says: The joy of a barn is that they are often blank canvases. You don't have the colour of the carpet, curtains or walls to take into account, meaning you often have infinite freedom when it comes to styling. Here are some of our top styling tips:

- Create an atmosphere with lighting. We love a festoon bulb strung from a beam. Stone walls look great with up-lighters against them and candles are a clever way of creating an intimate and inviting space.

- Use height to your advantage. Barns often have high ceilings and beams on which you can attach decorations. They're great for hanging flowers, bunting or string lights. You could use draping to create a more glamorous look or cover beams with greenery or floral garlands.

- The un-fussy nature of a barn setting lends itself perfectly to a more opulent table display, even if you want to keep the rustic theme, you can go for a more chic look by bringing in elegant features, such as cut glassware.

- If you have a large barn, create areas of interest, such as a lounge area or interactive zones.

Beth Stretton,Megan and Claude


Styled to perfection

Styled to perfection

Q. My wife-to-be and I are having a summerthemed wedding and would like to incorporate our theme into the marquee where we're getting married. Do you have any ideas?

A. Beth Stretton says: Ask yourself what summer means to you. Focus on colour, brightness and bringing the outdoors inside. My favourite way of doing this is through summer-themed accessories. Look for patterned table runners, these are something you rarely see, but are impactful and easy to make.

- Colourful ceiling lanterns are also a great idea. My brother had an August wedding at which we hung lots of colourful round lanterns over the dancefloor to create a bright, carnival feel.

- Use pot plants instead of cut flowers. Late spring and early summer events can often benefit from the number of quality pot-plants available. At my wedding, I used pot plants for the tables and gave some away to friends and family and kept others for our garden. These also make a lovely table plan. Use one of our display ladders to place a different plant for each table with a list of those sitting at each.

- Pretty colours are key to creating a summer-themed look. We find a higher demand for pale pink charger plates this time of year while winter is all about silvers and golds.

- Add a splash of colour to a more traditional table-scape with coloured water glasses.

- Outdoor props such as sofas, outdoor benches, carpets and tall lamps can be rented to add an outside feel to your marquee.

Beth Stretton,Megan and Claude