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Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Q. What are your top tips for choosing the perfect celebrant?

A. Carol Gunter says: A celebrant offers additional choices for those of you who may want to move away from a traditional church or registrar ceremony. It allows you to create a bespoke wedding that captures your style and approach. Before booking a celebrant consider the below:

- Be sure to have an initial discussion before making your final decision. It's important that you connect and are comfortable that the supplier represents you both.

- If possible, choose a local celebrant as this will make it easier for you both to keep in touch.

- Although not essential, look for a professionally qualified supplier and don't be afraid to ask about their experience.

- Check out what's included in the contract and the cost of the ceremony. There may be extra costs such as travel or additional elements such as handfasting, unity candle or a sand ceremony.

- Most companies commit to only one wedding a day to ensure that you have no added time pressures. Check that is the case and if not, be clear about time restrictions.

- Social media, websites, magazines and Google searches are a good place to start your search, but also talk to other suppliers as word of mouth recommendations are also great.

- Book as early as possible as, like many other suppliers, the good ones are in high demand.

- Just remember, to be legally married, you will still need to do the legal bits in the registry office. Most couples do this a day or two before their celebrant ceremony at a cost of around £50.

Carol Gunter, Your Special Celebration


Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Q. How can we make our ceremony fun and memorable?

A. Lisa Kendall says: Your wedding ceremony is typically the first time you will be in front of all your family and friends, so it's important that it feels like the most authentic representation of who you are as a couple. One way to do this is through your music choices. For example, if you're into rock or rap, incorporating these genres into your service can show off some of the things that make you both special. There are many ways to incorporate fun elements into your big day, from dramatic entrances to games and activities for guests during the cocktail hour.

You could do a sand, candle or bubble ceremony, have a fun reading or even incorporate an animal. Having your precious pooch bring the rings down to the best man or woman is an adorable addition to any wedding.

One of the most popular options is called The Unity Candle. This involves two candles being lit at the beginning of the service and then put together as one. The flame represents your love for each other as well as your commitment to being together through thick and thin. This is also something that the whole family can be a part of.

Lisa Kendall, Fun Loving Ceremonies


The one for me

The one for me

Q. Our wedding planner has suggested we hire a celebrant for our big day, should we book one, and what are the benefits?

A. Carol Gunter says: A celebrant is someone who has the skills and experience to create a bespoke wedding ceremony, just for you and you alone. Unlike more traditional approaches, celebrants focus on what is special to you, with no restrictions on things such as location, content or timing. They are not a legal registrar, so couples tend to do the legal bit a day or two beforehand, freeing them up to have their ceremony whenever and wherever they wish. If you're attracted by a once in a lifetime experience that reflects what is important to you, then you should book a celebrant.

- A celebrant will spend time with you beforehand, getting to know you, translating your style and preferences into a personalised ceremony.
- No rules, no must do or can't dos, only endless choices and options.
- Budget-friendly or a complete extravaganza, both are fine or anything in between.
- Involvement of family, friends, children or pets is a definite yes.
- Additional symbolic ceremonies can be made bespoke to you.
- There's no requirement for a licenced venue, it's just a case of wherever you want.
- Traditional, formal, quirky, romantic, retro, vintage, themed – we can cater for whatever works for you.

Carol Gunter, Your Special Celebration